You Can Predict the Stock Market by Tracking the Music We Listen To?

I wouldn’t base my whole investment strategy around this, but it might be easier than trying to guess when Bitcoin will go up . . .

study found you might be able to predict whether the stock market will go up or down by tracking what people are listening to on Spotify.  Specifically, how HAPPY those songs are.

Researchers tracked the 200 most popular songs on Spotify in 40 countries and compared them to what the financial markets were doing.

They found that if we start listening to happier music, stocks tend to go up that week.  Then they usually go down . . . or at least rise more slowly . . . the week after.

The bigger the shift in listening habits, the bigger the swing in stocks.  And when sad songs were popular, more money shifted into safer assets, like government bonds.

So does happy music MAKE us want to invest more?  No, not exactly.

They think we just tend to listen to happier, more upbeat music when we’re feeling optimistic . . . and sadder or angrier music when we’re not.  So the two things correlate, but don’t necessarily cause each other to happen.

Tracking our listening habits might just be a good way to tell how positive we’re feeling in general.


(USA Today)