When Someone Says “Don’t Get Me a Present” Do They Mean It?

When someone says, “don’t get me anything for Christmas,” do you respect their wishes?  Or do you assume they’re just saying that, and get them something anyway?

A new survey asked people what they think it REALLY means.  And over half of us say that getting the person something anyway is the right call.

41% said they think it really means, “I don’t want a gift, but I won’t be angry if I get one.”

13% said it means, “I DO want a gift, and won’t be upset if I get one.”

And 8% think it means “I do want a gift, and I WILL be upset if I don’t get one.”  So 8% of us think they’re straight up lying, and will BLAME us for believing them.

If you add that up, a total of 62% of us think it’s okay to buy someone a gift, even if they say they don’t want anything.

Only 17% think people really mean it when they say they don’t want a gift and will be angry if you get them one.