What is Wayne FM

103.9 Wayne FM – yeah, a radio station named after Fort Wayne, and named after a Wayne. A radio station named after a city and a guy…that’s different. So is 103.9 Wayne FM…because we know, most people don’t listen to just one kind of music. You like a little bit of everything. That’s why at 103.9 Wayne FM – we play everything!

Journey. Bruno Mars. Bon Jovi. Madonna. Billy Joel. Alanis Morissette. John Mellencamp. Maroon 5. Fleetwood Mac.
Oh, and we because Wayne plays everything…Vanilla Ice, Abba, Bobby Brown, Chumbawamba, Marvin Gaye, and Rick Astley are all played.

Give us an hour, and hear what Wayne is all about. It’s random radio.
103.9 Wayne FM – We Play Everything!