The Tooth Fairy is Paying More Than $5 Per Tooth

Still waiting on that cost-of-living raise to help with inflation?  Well, it looks like the KIDS already got one:  An annual poll found the Tooth Fairy is now paying more than FIVE BUCKS per tooth for the first time ever.

The average this year is $5.36 compared to $4.70 in 2021, which was also a record.  That’s a 14% jump in 12 months.  (That’s about double the rate of inflation, which was around 7% this past year.)

Kids in the Northeast are getting the most at a whopping $7.36 per tooth.  Children down South are next at $5.77 . . . then the Midwest, $4.27 . . . and kids out West are getting $4.08 per tooth.