The Celeb Web

Twitter via @incredibleCulk

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on

social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today…


1.  MACAULAY CULKIN is on board with the effort to have DONALD TRUMP’s cameo in “Home Alone 2”erased.

2.  KATY PERRY posted a tribute to ORLANDO BLOOM on his 44th birthday.


3.  EMMA ROBERTS’ baby is now Instagram official.


4.  ROB SCHNEIDER paid tribute to his mother, who passed away on Sunday.  (Full Story)


5.  Here’s what we learned yesterday on Instagram:  MICHAEL B. JORDAN calls his girlfriend Lori Harvey “Turtle” . . . and she calls him “Nugget”.


6.  ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER’s son Joseph is looking more like his dad every day.