The Celeb Web – John Mayer Joins TikTok – Swifties Ensue

TikTok via @johnmayer

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on

social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today…

1.  Two of America’s greatest national treasures are safe:  DOLLY PARTON got her COVID vaccine.  Technically, it’s her FIRST dose of the Moderna vaccine, so she’s not finished yet.


(Remember, Dolly donated $1 MILLION to the development of the vaccine.  So she should have gotten it FIRST.  But she didn’t want to jump the line.  That’s how AWESOME she is.  And now I sorta feel bad for turning this into a boob joke.  Not enough to take it back, mind you . . . but, you know, sorta.)

2.  KATE HUDSON posted a picture of KURT RUSSELL and GOLDIE HAWN smooching.

3.  It was only a matter of time before EMILY RATAJKOWSKI did the naked pregnant thing.

(Warning:  These pictures contain a full complement of buttcrack.)

4.  JOHN MAYER joined TikTok . . . and posted what appears to be a message to all the TAYLOR SWIFT fans who’ve been kicking his butt since the moment he signed up.


I’m here (for you)

♬ original sound – johnmayer

5.  THE ROCK tried that cupping business.