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1.  TAYLOR SWIFT and kittens.  What more do you need?

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Ya could I get these to go?

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2.  Maybe LADY GAGA is throwing shade at her “Artpop” album.  Or maybe she’s admitting she was super high when she recorded it?

3.  My faith in humanity would be at least a tiny bit restored if HUGH JACKMAN had no idea who was asking him for this selfie.

4.  Not only is HUGH JACKMAN Hugh Jackman . . . but he’s also 51 years old.  And yet he STILL gets carded every now and then.

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Got carded Saturday night and … it was awesome!

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5.  Add Cowboys owner JERRY JONES to the Weird Clapper Club.

6.  JON HAMM and KIERNAN SHIPKA had a mini “Mad Men” reunion.

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Dad showed up!!!

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7.  LILI REINHART from “Riverdale” has a cameo in the new “Charlie’s Angels” movie.