The 10 Signs Your Relationship Will Fail, According to Science

Science is having a rough time making friends these days . . . and telling people their relationships are doomed isn’t going to help.

A new scientific study out of Western University in Ontario, Canada found there are 10 factors that can predict if a relationship is likely to fail.

The 10 factors are, in no particular order:

Your partner’s commitment . . . appreciation . . . sexual satisfaction . . . how satisfied you think your partner is . . . conflict . . . life satisfaction overall . . . negativity overall . . . depression . . . commitment issues . . . and issues with depending on others.

And if some or all of those are serious issues in your relationship and your life . . . well, that’s not a good sign for your relationship.

But it’s not a GUARANTEE you’re doomed.  The researchers say if you’re both working on building and strengthening your relationship, that can reduce the negative factors over time and improve the odds you stay together.


(New York Post)