Teenager killed, one man injured in Grant Co. stabbing

GRANT CO., Ind. (ADAMS) – According to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, one teenager is dead and one man was injured in a stabbing Tuesday night.
Police say two stabbing victims arrived at Marion General Hospital around 9:15 p.m. Officers were advised that the incident occurred in the county at approximately 5500 S. 700 E. in the roadway.
The Grant County Sheriff’s Department says the victims were Austin Woff, 22 years old, and Ethen Wolff, 17 years old. Both were transported to a local hospital, where Ethen Wolff was pronounced dead.

Two suspects are now in custody – Eric Jordan, 20 years old, Matthew Rudisel, 18 years old. Eric Jordan is being held on charges of Murder, Aggravated Battery, and Robbery. Matthew Rudisel is being held on charges of Felony Murder, and Robbery.
This case is still under investigation.