Peope with High ADHD-Traits Are More Vulnerable to Insomnia


It turns out people with many ADHD-traits are more-likely to suffer when dealing with insomnia. Researchers in Sweden found that those with high ADHD-traits that do not meet the criteria for diagnosis are less able to perform tasks involving attentional regulation or emotional control after a sleepless night than individuals with low ADHD-traits.

In other words, those with ADHD traits seem to be more negatively affected by insomnia than those with fewer or no ADHD traits.

A researcher adds, “One of the reasons why these results are important is that we know that young people are getting much less sleep than they did just ten years ago. If young people with high ADHD-traits regularly get too little sleep they will perform worse cognitively and, what’s more, their symptoms might even end up at a clinically significant level.”