New children’s book offers civil rights history through new lens

TAMPA, Fla. (ADAMS) – A new children’s book is offering insight into a civil rights icon from a different lens.

Flint Hills Publishing introduced the latest work from Tampa author Rod Martinez, “Grandma Luther King”, a children’s picture book just in time for Black History Month, 2023.

Martinez released the following on his new work:

Grandma Luther King is a fictional children’s picture book tale of a true event in Tampa, Florida’s civil rights past.

During a city bus ride, an African American grandmother is queried about a building just outside one of the routine stops by her grandson. She describes the story and brings it to life in his head.

He learns how – during a civil rights protest long ago – several Black students participated in a sit-in that changed how Black folk could eat in certain restaurants.

Only near the end does he find out that she was one of those teenagers and he compares her to his hero, Martin Luther King.

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