Is it Okay to Use Cheap “Regular” Gas in Your Car?

Gas prices are at record highs right now, and even higher if you use “premium” in your car.  So is it okay to just use “regular” instead?

The answer depends on whether your car actually NEEDS that premium gas.  And in general, that’s only if you’ve got a supercharged engine.

For example, a Mustang Shelby with a 760 horse-power engine needs premium gas.  But a normal Mustang can run on the cheap stuff.

If you put regular gas in a car that needs premium, it could damage the engine.  Especially if it’s an older model.  But most cars you see on the road don’t need it.

So does that mean you should always use the CHEAPEST gas you can find?  The answer to that is no, actually.  You SHOULD splurge every now and then, just not on the high-octane stuff.

When a gas station’s prices are a lot lower than everywhere else, it’s usually because they’re not using “Top Tier” gas, which has more detergents that clean your engine.  Most of the big-name brands like Chevron and Exxon use it now.

By law, all gas has to have some detergents in it, but Top Tier gas has more.  So it’s good to use it at least once or twice a year.



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