Have You Been Drinking at Work?

Happy hour can start a little earlier when you’re working from home.  So, a new survey looked at the states that do the MOST drinking on the clock . . .


2,000 people were asked if they’ve ever had an adult beverage during work hours.  And overall, 34% said yes.  But it’s a lot higher in some states.


Alaska is #1, where two-thirds said they’ve done it.  And Nebraska is last at just 13%.


The ten states with the most on-the-clock drinkers are:  Alaska, 67% . . . Maine, 60% . . . New Mexico, 56% . . . Oklahoma, 51% . . . Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Nevada, all tied at 50% . . . Indiana, 46% . . . and Connecticut, 45%.


The states where people are the least likely to drink during work hours are Nebraska, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Arkansas, and Rhode Island.


The survey also asked people what they prefer . . . beer, wine, or liquor.  And liquor dominated with 27 states.  18 went with beer, and only five prefer wine.


(You can check out the top pick in all 50 states at Zippia.com.)