Half of Us Have Leveled Up Our Coffee Game During Quarantine

When the pandemic started and suddenly all the coffee shops were closed, people were faced with a choice:  Either go back to drinking mediocre homemade coffee . . . or become self-taught baristas.


And according to a new survey, people were split . . . with HALF of people learning how to make more complicated coffee drinks than before.


58% of those people believe the coffee they make is BETTER than the drinks they used to order at the store.


And two-thirds of them plan to keep on using their own home coffee-making skills in the future instead of relying so much on coffee shops.


The top five coffee skills people have learned are:


How to use an espresso machine . . . how to make cold brew coffee . . . how to use a traditional drip coffee machine . . . how to use a stovetop espresso machine . . . and how to make iced coffee.


(PR Newswire)