Expert: What it Means if Your Ex Still Follows You on Instagram


Usually, exes unfollow each other on social media following a breakup, but what does it mean if your ex still follows you on Instagram?

Relationship therapist Dr. Gary Brown says a lot of social media behavior following a break up “depends upon why and how the relationship ended.” He says following your ex on the platform could mean that they miss you (either romantically or just as a friend) but could also mean “that they are not over you and may be still clinging to the hope that the two of you will get back together.”

Still, it’s not in your best interest to jump to conclusions, as Brown adds, “Unless you and your ex talked about this in advance, it may be difficult to know what it really means. It could also mean that they forgot to unfollow you.” He also says if your relationship ended in a messy manner it really might best to NOT follow each other on social media.

(Elite Daily)