Donations being accepted to provide meals for healthcare workers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – The Fort Wayne TinCaps have announced a partnership with the Parkview Foundation that allows tax-deductible monetary donations to be used to provide TinCaps Meal Kits to Parkview Health frontline workers.

“We’ve been offering the community the chance to provide a TinCaps Meal Kit to a Parkview Health frontline worker since the program’s launch,” said TinCaps Vice President Michael Limmer. “But this announcement allows individuals and companies to make tax-deductible monetary donations to the Parkview Foundation that will be used to provide Parkview Health employees and families most in need with a TinCaps Meal Kit.”

The TinCaps Meal Kit program was launched in late April as the organization faces the uncertainty of a 2020 Minor League Baseball season.

“We wanted the opportunity to connect with our fans and the community,” Limmer said. “This program allows fans to bring a taste of Parkview Field home with them at a time where we aren’t able to open our doors for fans to come in.”

The opportunity to donate a TinCaps Meal Kit to a Parkview employee has been a part of the program since its inception, but now there is the opportunity for a monetary donation to be made directly to the Parkview Foundation to provide the Meal Kits.

“We are proud to be able to broker the generosity of our community through the Foundation in getting TinCaps Meal Kits to our healthcare team members,” said Denise Andorfer, Director of Leadership Gifts for the Parkview Foundation. “We know acts of kindness during these challenging times are so appreciated in lifting the spirits of those working hard to keep our community safe. Generosity is an empowering reminder of our solidarity.”

“I’m a single mom with four kids and I feel truly blessed by this,” said Brittany Smith, who works at the Parkview Cancer Institute and recently received a TinCaps Meal Kit. “This box had five meals in it with everything that’s needed. They were all different meals and everything was absolutely delicious. I’m very grateful for this meal kit and want to thank the TinCaps for doing this.”

TinCaps Meal Kits are $100 if portioned for two and $185 (tax included) for a family-size that’s designed to feed 4-6 people. Meal Kits can be ordered at For more information on how you or your organization can donate to this program, please contact Michael Limmer with the TinCaps at or 260-407-2813.