Do You Have Sex with Your Bra On? Shailene Woodley Has Thoughts

As you probably know if you’ve seen her movies, SHAILENE WOODLEY is NOT against nudity.  As long as she has some control over it.

She says, quote, “I’ve never felt uncomfortable doing intimate scenes because I’m very vocal.  I always sit down and talk with the director, the other actor.

“We always have conversations of, ‘How are you planning on shooting it?  Is nudity necessary?  Is it going to distract from the scene, add to the scene?’

“We know exactly what the boundaries are.  And I’ve never been in a situation where those things haven’t been honored.”

Shailene actually doesn’t like sex scenes where she doesn’t take everything off.  Quote, “Oftentimes in movies, you see two people having sex and the woman has her bra on, and in real life, I don’t think I ever did that, sex with a bra . . . or very, very rarely.”