Auburn police arrest three for counterfeit cash


AUBURN, Ind. (ADAMS) – Three people are facing counterfeiting charges after police in Auburn Indiana say they tried to pass-off fake 100 dollar bills.

Auburn police said they arrested Eleisha Morris, Ryan Bogatitus, and Dalton Smith after a weeks-long investigation. Police say all three tried to use at least one fake hundred at a local business, Bogatitus is charged with trying to cash-in 12 hundred dollars worth of fake bills.

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ORIGINAL STORY (January 6, 2019):

AUBURN, Ind. (ADAMS) – Police in Auburn are warning about funny money. Officials yesterday released the picture of a man who they say was passing counterfeit money at some local stores. Officers say the man was using fake 100 dollar bills. Auburn officials said that the money was “easily identifiable as fraudulent” when examined closely.

Auburn Police are suggesting that all shops closely examine all cash to make sure it’s authentic.
They add that it is especially important with larger bills.

If you recognize the person in the photo call the Auburn Police Department at (260) 920-3200.