Arts United announces 2022 Amplify Art projects

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – Arts United has announced the projects selected for the 2022 cycle of Amplify Art, a crowdfunding campaign platform designed to support arts and culture projects in Northeast Indiana.

Organizers say that Amplify Art relies on support from the community through social media advocacy and small contributions from a large number of donors.

The projects selected for the 2022 cycle are:

Happiness is Sharing Music Video
Jeff Myers
Goal: $5,000
Jeff Myers is a Fort Wayne native who has been performing and teaching guitar for over 50+ years. He currently performs with Audiences Unlimited, bringing his music into facilities where individuals may not have access to the arts in the traditional way. Inspired by the joy of the students of Life Adult Day Academy (LADA), Jeff wrote an original song called “Happiness is Sharing.” Jeff plans to create a music video for this new song, which he’ll provide to LADA to use in their fundraising and marketing efforts.
Indelible: A Midwest Mural Showcase

Fort Wayne Open Walls
Goal: $5,000
The third annual Fort Wayne Open Walls mural festival is a two-day that will showcase and celebrate Fort Wayne artists and visiting artists from all over the Midwest. Live paintings will take place across the 15 walls at the Central Drive location, alongside a space open for the public to engage and create their own art. There will also be an Open Wall collaborative mural project location situated at the corner of Miner and Poplar near the Poplar Community Gardens. Both locations will host live music, free food, local artists, niche vendors, bboy battles, and a low-rider car show to create a vast sensory experience of creativity and culture.

Compost Your Internet
Kurt Roembke
Goal: $3,000
Compost Your Internet is a solar science lab that will turn data collected from the compost piles at Dirt Wain into an interactive music experience, accessible via a solar-powered website. As the food scraps collected from this region break down, the data collected by various sensors will shift in tandem with temperature and moisture levels, the weather, the amount of sunlight, and even the presence of birds on the server, creating a new musical experience with each visit to the website. Every aspect of this system, from the computer and sensors that collect the data, to the server that hosts the website, will all be solar powered. By exposing people to the concepts of solar-powered media, and giving them an opportunity to engage with the data that’s being collected, we hope to start conversations about the sustainability of both our current food waste and website infrastructures.

The Fusion Band: A Collaborative Instrumental Ensemble
Purdue University Fort Wayne
Goal: $5,000
Purdue University Fort Wayne Music Education students, led by Director Dr. John Okley Egger, will create a Spring instrumental program for middle school students from Fort Wayne Community Schools called The Fusion Band. These students will be hosted by Fort Wayne Community Schools and instructed in small and large ensemble settings after school every Thursday for twelve weeks. At the end of this twelve-week period, the students will present a concert to showcase their progress. This program will be of little or no cost to Fort Wayne Community Schools, and dinner will be provided to students at each rehearsal.

The Many Faces of the World Art Installation
Janelle Slone
Goal: $3,000
Janelle Slone is the owner and operator of Relic Emporium, a community art studio in Angola, IN. She teaches classes in many mediums to all ages and skill levels. Her focus is pottery, handmade tile, murals, and darkroom photography. Janelle will be partnering with Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County to host relief sculpture classes for kids. They will be encouraged to capture their facial features with clay, and the final projects will be framed and mounted on-site as a permanent display.

The campaign will begin Monday, October 3 and conclude Friday, October 28. Community members can support a project by donating online at and through social media advocacy. PNC Bank will match every gift made through the campaign dollar for dollar up to $1,000 per project. The crowdfunding campaign will be through Arts United’s platform, Amplify Art, a social media-based program that mobilizes community support and awareness of diverse creative projects happening in Northeast Indiana.

Through the Amplify Art program, Arts United proactively increases the community’s access to diverse, innovative, and compelling creative experiences. Arts United provides the fundraising technology and promotional support to help make these projects a reality. Learn more about Amplify Art or donate here.