Are These the Five Best Beers in America?

If your go-to drink is the “lightest beer possible,” you probably won’t like this list.  The American Homebrewers Association released its annual rankings of the best beers in America.  And they’re all on the hoppy side.


For the fourth year in a row, first place went to Two Hearted Ale, made by Bell’s Brewery in Michigan.  Even if you’ve never tried it, you might know the bottle.  It’s green and orange with a trout on the front.


The rest of the top five are:  Russian River’s “Pliny the Elder” . . . Sierra Nevada Pale Ale . . .  “Heady Topper” . . . and a second beer by Bell’s Brewery called “Hopslam.”


(Here’s the full Top 10.  They also did a list of the best beer in all 50 states.)