Why You Should Change Your Passwords After a Breakup

After you break up with someone, once you’re done scrubbing all the photos of them from your social media accounts . . . change the passwords to those accounts too.


According to a new study, there’s a good chance your ex will continue to log into your social media accounts and more . . . including apps that can track your location.


26% of people say they’re still logged into an ex’s game streaming service or online news subscription . . . although that seems more like they’re trying to save money than stalk you.


But 25% are still logged into an ex’s photo-sharing program or some service with location sharing like Find My Friends . . . and that’s a lot less innocent.


Also, 23% are still logged into an ex’s online calendar . . . social media . . . ride-sharing services . . . music streaming services . . . and video streaming services.


And finally, 20% are still logged into their ex’s email.  (Fox News)