63% of Americans Think Cursive Is Still a Valuable Skill


Do you want your kids to learn cursive?  Or is it just an outdated skill at this point?  Well, 14 states still require kids to learn it even though no one writes checks or letters anymore.  It’s all about auto-pay and texting now.


But there ARE a few benefits.  Studies have shown it helps kids develop their motor skills.  And writing things down also reinforces what you’ve just learned.  So a new survey asked 3,000 adults if it’s still a valuable skill to have.  And over half said YES.



60% said they learned cursive in school and still find it useful.  And 3% never learned cursive, but wish they had.  28% said they learned it but DON’T find it useful . . . 3% said they never learned it, and don’t need it . . . and the remaining 6% weren’t sure.