Fun Facts and Strange News

Crayon history is pretty problematic…  

Here are some fun facts to help get you through the day and look like the most informed person at the water cooler…

Fun (and not-so-fun) facts:  

  • The second B in “BYOB” doesn’t mean “beer” everywhere.  A poll in the U.K. asked what it stood for and 39% said “bottle” . . . 38% said “booze” . . . and only 5% said “beer.”  For the record, 17% said they didn’t know what it meant.


  • “Cast Away” was filmed over two years, because it took Tom Hanks about a year to lose weight and grow his hair out for all the island scenes.  During the year off, Robert Zemeckis and most of the crew filmed “What Lies Beneath”.


  • Jerry Seinfeld made at least $30,000 for every line he had on “Seinfeld”, based on his salary and the show’s syndication deals.


  • Americans got the word for turkeys because they wrongly thought they were from Turkey.  In the country of Turkey, they call the birds hindis, because they wrongly thought they were from India.  They’re actually native to the Americas.


  • The Crayola crayon color “Peach” was called “Flesh” until 1962, when they felt it was racist to consider that THE flesh color.  Also, they didn’t change the “Indian Red” crayon color to “Chestnut” until 1999.


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Strange and trending news:

  • Today is National Thesaurus Day. . . so feel free to celebrate by re-writing something using words you don’t understand.


  • 57% of Americans say they have a business idea that they think would impress the investors on “Shark Tank”.  (Full Story)


  • Covid-test vending machines are likely going to be a part of our future, and they’ve already started popping up at colleges.  Of course, in order for this to happen we’ll need to HAVE tests to put inside.  (Full Story)


  • The U.K. is hyped about getting TEAR-LESS ONIONS.  They’ve actually been availablein the U.S. for a few years though.  (Full Story)


  • A new study named the five best plant-based foods for brain health as you age . . . and they are:  Cocoa, coffee, mushrooms, red wine, and “polyphenol-rich foods,” which include apples, green tea, blueberries, and oranges.  (Full Story)


  • Sales of cognac are up 31% . . . which may be a sign that we’ve entered the “untamed luxury” phase of the omicron surge.  (Full Story)


  • Two men tried to smuggle cocaine in cans disguised as boring stuff like baked beans and coconut milk.  And they just got 15 years in prison.  (Full Story)


  • Reese’s has a new line of mini peanut butter cups for Valentine’s Day.  (Full Story)