25% of People Don’t Think Something a “Good Deal” Unless It’s Half Off

They say everybody loves a bargain, and that’s especially true these days when you might have to take out a loan to buy a full tank of gas.  And a 5%-off sale isn’t going to cut it.

In a new poll, 25% of people said they don’t consider something a “good deal” unless it’s at least HALF OFF.  And another 25% admitted that they’re less likely to purchase an item if it’s full price.  75% said they’d be willing to wait up to a month for an item to go on sale before buying it at full price.

Also, 70% of people say they’re confident that they can find a deal on ANY item . . . but they might not tell you if they do.  Only 49% say they share their bargain-hunting secrets . . . while the other 51% prefer to keep the deals they find to themselves.